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How to Contact Kachina Family Practice

16611 S 40th St, Suite 120
Phoenix, Arizona 85048
(480) 706-4100
(480) 706-2600 (Fax)

Phone Hours: Mon-Thur 8-5, Friday 8-4

Phone Menu Options: (During Regular Phone Hours)
  • Urgent Need - Press 1
  • Make Appointment - Press 2
  • Make a Credit Card Payment - Press 2
  • Leave a Message for Doctor - Press 3 and then:
    • Dr. Mullins - Press 1
    • Dr. Fischbeck - Press 2
    • Deborah Grischo, FNP-C - Press 3
Call-Back Policy:
It is our policy to return all patient calls the same day, however, calls left after 2pm may not be returned until the following work day. The Providers' voice mailboxes are checked frequently during the day and either by a staff member or the provider will return your call. Because our phone system is digital, calls from our office show up as "unavailable" on Caller-ID.

Afterhours & Weekend On-Call Service:
  • Call (480) 477-4608 to leave a message for the on-call doctor for urgent problems
  • Unblock your caller ID if applicable so your doctor can return your call
  • Prescription medications including antibiotics and pain medications will not be called in by the doctor
Billing Service: (866) 480-8501

Please Call 911 if this is an Emergency

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16611 S 40th Street, Suite 120, Phoenix, Arizona 85048
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