Our thoughts are with you and your families as we are all adjusting to school and work closures, social distancing, and other precautions. We have made some additional changes in our office that we’d like our patients to be aware of.

Office Changes and Telemedicine
We have taken additional measures to separate patients with upper respiratory symptoms from the rest of our patients. Our goal is to make it as safe as possible for all patients to visit our office.
-We have a separate sick entrance, waiting room, and checkout area for patients with upper respiratory symptoms. We have converted our employee entrance in the back of our office to serve as our sick entrance, and have converted a room near that entrance to serve as a sick waiting room.
-Patients will be notified prior to their appointment if they should use the sick entrance; otherwise, use the front entrance. The sick entrance is for upper respiratory issues only. Being directed to this entrance does not mean we suspect you have COVID or that you will necessarily be tested for it.
-We are working to implement a telemedicine option to reduce traffic in our office and enable patients to see their doctor without leaving home, especially patients in high risk categories. We hope to have this option available within 1-2 weeks; we will keep you posted. Keep in mind that some types of visits work well via online video but others must be done in person.

Testing & Treatment
Our office currently has a limited supply of COVID-19 test kits. We anticipate access to testing will improve, but for the time being we must be selective in who we test. If you develop cold/flu like symptoms and the severity is mild, testing or evaluation is not necessary. Treatment suggestions would include:
-Acetaminophen (Tylenol) for fever symptoms. Please avoid ibuprofen and Aleve.
-Rest & hydration

If you develop upper respiratory symptoms and the severity is moderate to severe (especially if you are having difficulty breathing), please seek medical evaluation.

As test kits become more widely available and the virus spreads, positive cases in Arizona will continue to increase. This is expected, and not problematic for most of our population. Remember that precautions are not intended to stop the spread of COVID, but to slow the spread enough that the volume of patients needing care at any one time doesn’t overwhelm our healthcare system. Keep doing your part!

For the most up to date local information, visit the Arizona Health Dept website at azdhs.gov, and national information from the CDC at cdc.gov.

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