Getting Your Lab Work Done

  • All labs should be done fasting unless otherwise stated by your doctor. Fasting means not having any food or drink except for water at least 8 hours prior to blood work.
  • Lab orders expire after 3 months; we recommend doing lab work promptly.
  • Lab orders are done electronically You do not need a paper copy of the lab order. They will be in the computer system when you arrive at the lab.
  • We do not use ‘standing orders.’ This means you need to have an order placed by your doctor before going for blood work. If you are not sure if an order is in the system, please call our office prior to going to the lab.
  • You have 2 options of where you can have your labs done:

OPTION #1 – In Our Office

  • A Sonora Quest employee and lab station is available in our office.
  • Lab hours are Monday-Friday from 7 AM to Noon and 1 PM to 3:30 PM.
  • No appointment is needed or available (first come first serve).
  • Labs ordered during an appointment can be done right after your appointment.
  • Those who have labs done on a routine basis are encouraged to do them 1 week prior to the scheduled appointment so that test results are available at the time of the visit.
  • Patients who use other labs (ie, LabCorp) can’t have labs drawn in our office.
  • Lab billing is handled by Sonora Quest, NOT Kachina Family Practice. KFP is allowing Sonora Quest to use office space but has no financial relationship with the lab. Our only benefit is providing you a more convenient method to get your labs done.

OPTION #2 – Sonora Quest Lab Location (602)-685-5000

  • No appointment needed. Making a prior appointment may decrease your wait time. Go to to schedule.
  • 41 different valley locations. Each site has different hours & some are open Saturdays.

Getting Your Lab & Test Results

  • Kachina Family Practice will notify you of all lab & radiology results (we do NOT believe in the idea that “No News is Good News”). If you do not receive results within 2 weeks, please notify our office.
  • There are two options for communicating your results, both of which are HIPAA (privacy) compliant:

OPTION #1 – WebView Patient Portal

  • Secure EMAIL messaging of results directly from your physician
  • This option will enable you to view all lab results & radiology reports including your doctor’s interpretation. You may also message back any questions/concerns to your physician.
  • To utilize this option you need to be registered with WebView.  For more information about Webview click here.

OPTION #2 – Medvoice

  • If you are not registered with WebView you will receive results by using the Medvoice Messaging System.
  • You will receive a voicemail message from Medvoice indicating that you have a message from your physician.
  • To retrieve your message call (480)675-5207.
  • Your ID number will be your social security number if you have provided us with it. If we do not have your social security number, your ID number will be the first 9 digits of your home phone number, starting with the area code (ie, your phone number minus the last number).