WebView Agreement

By clicking the 'I Agree' button below, I am agreeing to the following rules for utilizing the WebView Patient Portal from Kachina Family Practice.

    • I understand that the Web View portal is NOT to be used for urgent or emergency situations. In the event of an emergency I will call emergency medical services or 911, or go directly to the emergency room.
    • I understand that it may take 24 hours to receive a response to an online request. If I do not receive a response within 24 hour I will contact the Practice at (480) 706-4100.
    • I understand that I will not receive a response to an online message on weekends or holidays. If my medical concern is more urgent, I will contact the on call doctor by calling (480) 706-4100.
    • I will log out and close my browser when I am finished accessing the password protected WebView Portal services. This prevents someone else from accessing my personal information if I leave or share my computer, or use a public computer (i.e., like a library, kiosk, or internet cafe).
    • I understand that the terms and conditions of this user agreement may change periodically. Such modifications will take effect immediately upon posting on the web site. I understand that I should review the agreement routinely for changes and modifications.
    • I understand that access to WebView will be monitored through a logon audit.
    • I understand that my access to WebView may be denied if I violate any of the terms of this agreement.

If you accept these terms please select the 'I Agree' button. Otherwise select the 'I Disagree' button.